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    • WHMCS.Community Wrapup - July 2019
      Welcome to the July 2019 WHMCS.Community Wrapup, highlighting some of the most popular content during the month, asking for your feedback and giving a sneak peek of whats ahead for the community.  Feel free to reply to the thread with any questions you have!
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    • Multiple Pay Methods - Share your experience
      Store multiple Credit Card and Bank Account Pay Methods per Client! In WHMCS 7.8, clients can now store multiple Pay Methods for faster checkout. During checkout and manual payment of an invoice, clients can choose any stored Pay Method that is applicable (or create a new one) for that single payment. It's a critical feature, let us know your thoughts!
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    • 1. cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS v1.4.0 To make cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS even more enticing to the audience and perfectly up to date with the latest changes in the cPanel pricing, we brought into the module a few upgrades of our own. Let’s take a sneak peek inside the 1.4.0 version. From now on you will be offered the choice of two additional billing types, both based on the current number of accounts assigned to the client’s cPanel license. "Flexible" option - charge clients for the exact number of accounts assigned to a single license up until the specified synchronization date "Tiered" option - define tiers of accounts number and bill clients according to the closest tier available
      What is even more, we have finished all the necessary testing steps to confirm that the module can be safely installed from now on in the WHMCS 7.8 environment! What’s the point in waiting then? Learn more about cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS 1.4.0!   2. Custom Report For WHMCS - Promotion Monitoring a variety of specific metrics to make the right business decisions is the foundation for your company’s stable growth. And here is where our Report Generator For WHMCS module steps in! Search through the continually expanding selection of ready-made reports, generate your own ones or even better still… let us build a bespoke report exclusively for you, with no extra payment! Simply grab the module from our website and reach out to our team so that we could brainstorm your needs in detail. Leap at the chance to manage your business like a pro!  
      3. The WHMCS 7.8 support list is expanding day by day! Check out whether your favorite modules have already embraced the full-blown compatibility: cPanel Extended For WHMCS DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS Domains Reseller For WHMCS DNS Manager For WHMCS Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS Proxmox VPS For WHMCS
      Search out more of the already integrated modules!   Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now!
      Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
    • there have been hooks posted previously, that limit what clients can do in WHMCS until they've verified their email address.
    • I was getting nowhere with it, and then I found the issues thread below from the GitHub page and used that as a walkthrough - for simplicity I just copied the autokey & secretkey posted in the thread - for a live site, you should generate 2 new hashes. https://github.com/JonTheWong/whmcs-autoauth-invoice/issues/12 not without some additional coding - probably best to ask the developer about that in the GitHub issues page, but as he says himself - "its a known bug as of now, the only solution is to change the secret key and force an expire on old emails." I know on the commercial product I linked to first, that has the option to expire links after x hours. with the GitHub code, I think it would fail if the email address was changed - password change should be irrelevant though. I wouldn't argue with that - but they've probably done the work to fix the gaps in these free solutions - the original code behind that GitHub project goes back to at least 2012, so that's possibly the starting point for most of these solutions. another GitHub option, but this time as a hook... https://github.com/wifidel/whmcs-autologin-email it makes the mergefield {$linkauto} available to the 2 Invoice Created and the Payment Reminder emails - it's much simpler as you only have to add the key to the configuration file, the hook file and add the link in the email template... it does work - without the need to add Smarty variable assignations and Smarty security policy. but to be honest, if you need the links to last only a certain number of hours, then it might just be easier to bite the bullet and buy a commercial solution... or at least that free trial.
    • Thank you!! Well, actually I am ware of that option, but did not think it could used in that situation too ☺️ ...there is always something new to learn in this community. I have all those clients assigned to a color group called  No Valid Email, also I have custom fields created for others ends, but I could create new one if needed. So that hook would only need every-time new client added by Admin, and if it do not have valid email, assign it to this client group No Valid Email. It is not a urgent thing, but when you have free time, your hook are always welcome, until WHMCS add it on core solution 😶 the other thing it that when client has no valid email WHMCS still tries to send automated emails on every invoice, so I will receive a ticket auto email response from email provider  - Delivery Status Notification (Failure) from gmail in my specific case Perhaps I could block sender email and solve the problem?
    • Hello, I’m not aware of any issues with this module, we use it ourselves. If you have any problems with it we will be happy to give you a refund.
    • ahh, yea i was about to read it and try it out, but the english is bad in the post lol had to re-read twice, did you manage to fix it? What about the link not being expired? Can we add a time stamp to it like, 20 days? And what happens if the email address, or password is changed? Honestly my guess is the other 'paid' modules are the same, but build a bit fancier with some GUI options inside them. what are your thoughts on that,,
    • ok - this does work in v7.7.1, but it took some effort. 😅
    • also, remember that in WHMCS, once a client has ordered, they cannot change their currency in WHMCS (and neither should admin change it for them).. so if a client orders from the site and pays in USD, when they next login, they will only see your products that are available (priced) in USD - they cannot purchase any products in BRI (they won't even see them and they won't have a way to change currencies in the cart anyway).
    • let's do this in 2 stages... firstly, a simple SELECT query for you to run on tblhosting to see if there are any applicable products that match your criteria... SELECT tblhosting.* FROM tblhosting WHERE tblhosting.domainstatus = 'Suspended' AND tblhosting.regdate >= DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 15 DAY) if you run that in phpmyadmin or similar, you should get a list of services that match the query, e.g they're in suspended status and are within 15 days of their registration date (0-15)... if you want over 15 days (15+), then change to <= ... to exactly 15 days, use = if you're happy with those results, then you could move to the second stage and change their values - as with all UPDATE/DELETE SQL queries, backup the database before running such queries. ⚠️ UPDATE tblhosting SET tblhosting.domainstatus = 'Cancelled' WHERE tblhosting.domainstatus = 'Suspended' AND tblhosting.regdate >= DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 15 DAY) and change the >= to whatever you used in the select query.
    • you caught me while I was logged in and replying to other threads. 🙂 the developers are probably covering themselves just in case WHMCS releases something that breaks how the addon works and it needs to be updated. you don't watch much do you? 🤑 as a free alternative, how about this WHMCS Auto Auth GitHub solution... the code is only 4 months old and is marked compatible with v7.7.1 i've never tried it, but the code looks basically sound to me and I can see no reason why it wouldn't work... though installation and configuration is possibly slightly more involved than using an off-the-shelf solution.... if you try it and it works, let the rest of us know! ☺️

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